• Daddy Daughter Jewelry
    Raw Gemstone Rings , $25.00 – $40.00
  • Olwen
    Gold Stacking Rings , $15.00
  • Heartswell
    Pocket Notebooks (Pack of 2) , $11.00
  • Urban Vintage
    Denim Cutoffs , $45.00
  • Heartswell
    Greeting Card , $5.00
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    The Station is an event driven retail market, music venue, and beer and wine bar focused on music, art, and design. We desire to support the local talent in South Florida by providing them with a space to showcase their passions.

    Station Vendors

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    Excelsa Gardens
    Bohemian Groove On The Move
    Rust & Wax
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    Bohemian Groove On The Move

    Inspired by a love for fashion, traveling, and above all creativity, Bohemian Groove evolved as a canvas for just that. Featuring an eclectic mix of brand and one of a kind pieces.

    Excelsa Gardens

    Excelsa Gardens is a magical 30 acre tropical plant nursery that brings The Station new plants weekly.

    Rust & Wax

    Rust & Wax is a family owned retail shop that specializes in finely curated vintage pieces and vinyl records. The shop houses hundreds of vinyl records from many genres including rock, reggae, soul, funk, jazz, and hip hop.

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    Station Events
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