Palm Beach
Social Diary

September 02, 2017
70's Summer at Elizabeth Avenue Station

Palm Beach

September 01, 2017
Elizabeth Ave Station: Meet the vendors
at the 70s Summer Party

Luxe Interiors
& Design

June 05, 2017

For beautifully curated vintage, handmade and local paper goods, home decor, clothing and jewelry, this is the place to go… each shop has its own space within the warehouse.


April 21, 2017
Elizabeth Avenue Station
Throws a Spring Fling

Palm Beach

April 06, 2017
Is West Palm Beach's new center of cool
in the Warehouse District?
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Elizabeth Ave. Station is probably in many ways a microcosm of the larger story. It’s hyper-local, because all of the people involved are from West Palm. It’s already very entrepreneurial and energetic. It has a younger bent but caters to different types of people. It embodies the spirit and the character we’re trying to build here.


March 01, 2017
Palm Beach - Postcard
(p.40) Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous
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The Glitter

February 28, 2017
Your Guide to a West Palm Beach Girls' Weekend
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Palm Beach

January 20, 2017
West Palm Beach warehouse provides retail
space for local artisans.
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