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  • The Wild Lily
    Blooming Flora Bath Tea, $20.00
  • Gather & Seek
    Lee Coren Clutch, $30.00
  • Avenue Pottery
    Cacti Ring Holder, $12.00
  • Vintage Midcentury
    Starburst Mirror, $125.00
  • Vendor Top Picks

    Wood & Copper Earrings, $84.00
    Simplicity In Mind
    Mame Luxury Soy Candle, $15.00
    Article 80
    Pot Hugger w/ Plant, $18.00
    Pocket Notebooks (Pack of 2), $11.00
    Gold Stacking Rings, $15.00
    Gather & Seek
    Lee Coren Clutch, $30.00

    Come Visit Us

    Gather & Seek | Elizabeth Ave Station, 1500-C Elizabeth Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

    Station Hours

    Monday : 10 AM - 6 PM
    Tues - Sat : 10 AM - 8 PM
    Sunday : 10 AM - 6 PM


    For more information
    shoot us an email at

    Station Vendors

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    Grease & Glory  • 
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    Row House  • 
    Article80  • 
    Chelsea Lane & Co.  • 
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    Drift & Dwell  • 
    Heartswell  • 
    Able Letterpress  • 
    Urban Vintage  • 
    Global Curatorial  • 
    Simplicity In Mind  • 
    Makerware  • 
    Sardonyx  • 
    Avenue Pottery  • 
    Olwen Jewelry  • 
    Bohemian Groove On The Move  • 

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